Pearl Spotlight: Alli Pozeznik

Each day I aim to exude possibility.

We all have a past and our present, many times when we just look at those two aspects of our lives, we remain the same. We “stay the course” or we reach for the next rung on the work ladder. I find myself thinking, day dreaming and planning for BIG things I know are coming to me in the future. I take those dreams, and I try to curate little changes in my day-to-day life to get me closer to this perfectly authentic life I imagine. Today, I watched a concession speech Beto O’Rourke gave and he described the person I am aiming to be each day.

He was describing those that joined his campaign. Beto said,”We are great people. Ambitious. Defined by our aspirations [and] the hard work that we are willing to commit in order to achieve them.”

Next up in our Pearl Spotlight series is one of our Pearl Partners—Alli Pozeznik, owner of Austin Rug Co. Get to know her a little better with gorgeous photos by Jessica Santiesteban of Ideology Photography.

How do you define community and connection?

When I think about what community means to me, I immediately think of people in my life that are regularly woven throughout my week. Those people don’t necessarily have to be living near me or even speak to me often. I find that I have a core group of people that I call regularly, some I keep up on a group text daily, others I meet up to exercise with weekly and of course many people in my community, I see often in person. The way in which I connect with each of these persons is different but the exchange of value and mutual investment in one another’s lives, is the common denominator which to me defines, genuine connection.

How has being a member of the Whiskey & Pearls community impacted your life?

To have W&P as part of my community has been huge. I have never been around so many genuine, encouraging and motivated women. The energy in which I gain from this group seems to compound over time. When I look around the room, I can tell each person is genuinely excited for the other women in the room to chase after their dreams. That’s something really special. It’s been a great place for me to find resources to help me build my business, get advice and in general be excited for the future of Austin Rug Co.

You sell gorgeous vintage rugs through your company Austin Rug Co. Where did your love of vintage rugs come from?

I have always enjoyed interior design, thrifting and antiquing. Finding unique, worn, loved pieces to add to my home makes me so happy. This applied to vintage rugs as well. Austin Rug Co. wasn’t created just out of my outlandish love for vintage rugs. I had set a goal for myself this year, to simply "act on inspired thoughts". The notion that ideas have entered into YOUR mind for a reason is so powerful. We are all unique in so many ways, we all have different gifts and strengths we were born with. Why not trust in that? Why not let yourself feel excited about a new idea and then work towards making it a reality?

Austin Rug Co. was one of these inspired thoughts. Being creative has always been a passion for me. For many years, I didn't know how exactly that would come to fruition but deep down I trusted that was who I was and someday I would be able to express it more intentionally. Would I have guessed my first creative business would be vintage rugs? Probably not, but the creative energy that stems from these one-of-a-kind rugs can inspire a whole room.