Your Personal Brand Transition Plan!

Feeling stuck in the midst of a mid-life career switch? Get your make-a-move mojo back by following this three step personal brand transition action plan.

1. Get a FGA (Feel Good Activity)

The first step to the personal brand transition plan is a feel-good activity. What qualifies as an FGA? When you lose track of time and yourself in the work, nay, in the PLAY.

It doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t feel like exercise. It feels like you’re going to fly. It feels like if the world ended you wouldn’t know. You’d have a Frank Ocean song on doin’ your thang and the sky was breaking off in pieces outside your window and you’d be singin’ the bridge like “I been thinkin' bout forever, ooh!”

Wait. … You’re saying you don’t have TIME to do a watercolor class or go hiking on the Greenbelt during the week ‘cause you’ve got [INSERT MORE IMPORTANT THINGS X, Y & Z]?

Wow, those really ARE great excuses for not honoring yourself. But how important is it that you feel confident and excited about your work? And how much better could you show up for X, Y & Z if you were high energy, happy and aligned with your purpose?


If you truly don’t have the time, now’s the time to drop the commitments that aren’t aligned with your top priorities.

A PSA on ‘Yoga’ as your FGA:

You can only go to yoga if it feels amazing. Like really pay attention to how you’re feeling when you leave that place. If you’re like, “YES, I feel like I am lighter and have more light than when I came” then that is how you know.

2. Create Space to Self-Reflect

If “get into a regular meditation practice” has been on your to-do list, you have full permission to cross it off now. In an article by Harvard Business Review, researchers found that in as little as ten minutes of mindful meditation a day opens up your mind to novel ideas as well as the ability to apply them. It also improves focus and gives you the resilience to bounce back after setbacks—like letting go of a career that no longer serves you.

To kick off your new meditation practice, try any of the tracks on my Meditation Playlist on Soundcloud or the Insight app.

3. Hold a Personal Brand Transition Plan Strategy Session

What you'll need:

A date in the calendar for the sesh (non-negotiable), whiteboard with markers is ideal, but you can do this on your own with a notebook and pen.

Value Brainstorm:

Write out all the tasks that you currently do or could do that have value. i.e. what people will pay you for (Dogwalking, SEO research, Blogging, 1:1 Coaching, etc.).

Now, of those items:

  • Which ones do you HATE? Put an x on it.

  • Which ones do you LOVE? Put a heart there.

  • Which ones are you AMAZING at? Put a star there.

Star Heart Money Time!

The next step is to understand which of the STAR-HEART tasks will take the most time and ᐧeffort to get paid and how much financial gain is feasibly possible.

Set a scale for the amount of time 1-5 dots.


ᐧ = 1 hour

ᐧᐧᐧᐧᐧ = 1 week

Set a scale for the financial opportunity it presents 1-5 $-signs


$ = $1,000

$$$$$ = $100,000

Separate out the STAR-HEARTED tasks and rate how much time it will take to get a job doing it.

Rate how much financial gain you could make from it should you focus and shift your time and effort into it being your breadwinning activity.

Now rate from 1 - 5 hearts how effing fun it seems.

♥ = meh

♥♥♥♥♥ = Marrying it and taking it on a Hawaiian Honeymoon

Now stand back and look at what came up for you.

How do you feel?

What became clear for you?

Bonus points if you invite a friend to be your accountability buddy in this session!

Moral of the story:

You are your own guru. (And this is coming from a coach.) The best coaches know that you are the expert in your own life. Only you can map your personal brand transition plan in a way that feels true to you. But getting to a place where you feel good enough to tap into your own intuition takes some initiative and listening inward. So get quiet and listen in so that you can roar like the lioness you are and soar confidently into your next big dream, darling!


About the Author:

Alison Tugwell is a certified life and business coach who specializes in working with multi-passionate creatives to achieve their many ambitions with clarity, focus, and joy. She loves love salt on her sweets, shameless wordplay and playlists for every road trip and ex-boyfriend. You can find her at​

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