Pearl Spotlight: Maggie Gentry Miller

A compassionate thought partner on a mission to empower all businesses to trust their inner knowing and operate from a heart-centered place.

Next up in our Pearl Spotlight series is one of our Pearl Partners—Maggie Gentry Miller. Get to know her a little better with gorgeous photos by Jessica Santiesteban of Ideology Photography.

How do you define community and connection?

To me, community is about a group of people who come together to work towards a common goal, and true connection is about honoring the other person (or people) in front of you, listening intently to their words, and being open to what they have to offer. I believe that for both honest community and connection to exist, you must be open to listening more than talking, be fully present to what is in front of you, and be respectful of any differences with a curiosity to seek to understand rather than assert dominance over.

How has being a member of the Whiskey & Pearls community impacted your life?

Being involved with Whiskey & Pearls has been tremendously impactful for me in that I feel like I have found so many soul sisters. It’s a wonderful community that follows through with its mission in every endeavor, and I’m honored to know Courtney and be a part of this group.

Tell us more about you and what you do!

My name is Maggie Gentry Miller, and my business is MaggieGentry. I am a thought partner, which means that I work with business owners to challenge their way of thinking so that it creates value in their life and business. The philosophy I teach is Own Your Why®, and it is ultimately about coming back to your inherent Truth and operating your business from that place.

I help business owners identify and make needed transitions, creating the space and opportunity they need to do their soul work. Identifying that we need a change is a courageous act, and then following through with it is even more courageous. And we shouldn’t do it alone.

Humans are communal beings, and we need support from each other. I am dedicated to being a person whom business owners can come to when it feels like the wheels are falling off. I provide a safe place for sharing and exploring, and act as a mirror to reflect business owners’ inherent power back to them. Together, we explore different approaches to find what they need, and then I support them in getting those needs met. Throughout the entire process, I am a lighthouse, a steady source of inspiration and encouragement during a long, dark night at sea, helping creative entrepreneurs find their way back home. I offer strength and support they can lean on as they find their way back to center, into feeling clear and confident in their ability to create, work, and live from a genuine and heartfelt place.

How do you overcome your fears?

I don’t think I ever fully overcome them, but I’ve learned how to face them and not feel overwhelmed by them. For me, it’s about taking it one step at a time. When we have big dreams for what we want to do, it can be debilitating to look at the entire landscape of what lies ahead. What helps me to come back from that place of overwhelm is to ask myself, “What’s the right next step?” If I can break it up and always bring it back to what is the right next baby step, that helps me feel like it is all a bit more manageable.

Will you tell us more about what it means to Own Your Why®, and why you think it’s so important for business owners to embrace this philosophy?

Owning Your Why means that you embrace the pause, you walk your talk, and you are radically dedicated to showing up as your whole self. It means that you continuously check in with yourself so that what you are creating and what you are sharing is aligned with your truth, and not influenced by the ever-changing trends. It means that rather on focusing on profits and results, you focus on relationships and learning along the way. Owning Your Why acknowledges that we can embrace a feminine energy and a natural flow to how we work and achieve success on our own terms.

As more and more entrepreneurs are womxn, I think it’s important to have another vantage point of how we can work that embraces the quiet strength of femininity. Despite what capitalism makes us believe, our worth is not tied to what we produce. I want more business owners to take the time and do the work to understand what lights their soul on fire, and then go out and do that. We need more people who are doing their soul work, and Own Your Why® encourages you to define what exactly that is.


  • What's at the top of your bucket list?​

  • Give a TED Talk.

  • What's your dream job?

  • Marketing Director for Gallim Dance Company—contemporary dance was my first love.

  • Early bird or night owl?

  • Early bird all the way! I love getting up at 6am and sitting in bed with the lights off sipping coffee with my dude. I can hardly stay up past 10pm anymore. 👵🏻

  • What's your favorite hobby?

  • ​It's a tie between reading & yoga.

  • What's your favorite PG-rated joke?

  • ​Two fish are in a tank. One fish looks to the other and asks, “Hey, do you know how to drive this thing?”


I felt called to do a tarot spread for us! Whenever I’m not sure what to do or need clarification, I almost always turn to my tarot deck, so I wanted to share some of that with you all.

The three questions I asked on behalf of the Whiskey & Pearls community were:

  1. Where are we being invited to grow and evolve? The Magician

  2. What are we ready to release and leave behind? The Star

  3. What deep truths are we being invited to see and fully embrace? Three of Cups

The Magician invites the notion that possibilities are limitless, and what a beautiful message in regards to how we’re being invited to grow and evolve! This is powerful energy that encourages us to trust ourselves and our inner knowing. When we have a new idea, it isn’t just skill that allows it to come into being. There is an awful lot of blind faith and trust involved to get us from ideation to completion. The Magician carries us throughout that journey, encouraging us to continue believing in ourselves and in our idea.

The Star card is all about personal transformation. Its medicine is about trusting that we are on our divine path, and that we are about to enter a season of calm, nourishment, and rejuvenation. Since this showed up in the spot for what we’re releasing, I take this to mean that in order for us to realize the full potency of this transformation, we have to be willing to completely release our old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve us. In order to move forward, we have to start fresh. Where are you clinging to old ways that’s preventing you from realizing your dreams?

What a beautiful card to receive for what we’re ready to fully embrace! The Three of Cups is all about intimate friendships, community, and collaboration. It reminds us that any of our personal successes are possible because of the support of others, and it’s an honoring of those people who make it possible for us to do what we do. It’s a beautiful celebration of these friendships, and what better way to end this than with a deep acknowledgement and utmost gratitude for the community Courtney has built with Whiskey & Pearls. We are truly stronger together.

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