We're always looking for ways to live and work better, so we asked our members to share some of their favorite resources and apps for wellness, business, and productivity. Here's what they had to share!

App: Every Dollar

Why I love it: The Every Dollar app is a lifesaver when it comes to budgeting. The platform helps me stay on top of my budget since it tracks purchases in real time and is tied to my bank account. Both my husband and I can see the transactions, and it's super user-friendly. Budgeting every month is no longer stressful and time-consuming but fun and empowering because we can see our savings progress.

—Courtney Bianchi Chapa, Founder, Whiskey & Pearls

Resource: Bonsai

Why I love it: I've been using Bonsai as my client management, invoicing, and contracts and proposals tool. I like that it's intuitive and has everything I need for my small business. There are many apps like this out there; I just happened to like this one and wanted to share!

This may sound cheesy and trite, but my favorite wellness tools are the resources all around us, including the amazing women in W + P. Maggie Miller started a Friday morning walking group that has been an amazing source of encouragement and support (and a great way to start my Friday!) I've also started referring to Barton Springs as "cheap therapy": a dip in the water and a bit of sunshine work wonders for my mood and stress levels.

—Liz Feezor, Principal, Liz Feezor Creative

Resource: Stick With It Co.

Why I love it: Affi