We're always looking for ways to live and work better, so we asked our members to share some of their favorite resources and apps for wellness, business, and productivity. Here's what they had to share!

App: Every Dollar

Why I love it: The Every Dollar app is a lifesaver when it comes to budgeting. The platform helps me stay on top of my budget since it tracks purchases in real time and is tied to my bank account. Both my husband and I can see the transactions, and it's super user-friendly. Budgeting every month is no longer stressful and time-consuming but fun and empowering because we can see our savings progress.

—Courtney Bianchi Chapa, Founder, Whiskey & Pearls


Resource: Bonsai

Why I love it: I've been using Bonsai as my client management, invoicing, and contracts and proposals tool. I like that it's intuitive and has everything I need for my small business. There are many apps like this out there; I just happened to like this one and wanted to share!

This may sound cheesy and trite, but my favorite wellness tools are the resources all around us, including the amazing women in W + P. Maggie Miller started a Friday morning walking group that has been an amazing source of encouragement and support (and a great way to start my Friday!) I've also started referring to Barton Springs as "cheap therapy": a dip in the water and a bit of sunshine work wonders for my mood and stress levels.

—Liz Feezor, Principal, Liz Feezor Creative


Resource: Stick With It Co.

Why I love it: Affirmations on sticky-notes allowed me to find a love for myself that had been missing. I had tried apps, but I also wanted to spend less time on my phone. Putting the affirmations up around my house and seeing them every day, either in my periphery, or in focus, I was able to work them into my life and saw a difference in how I started living in the world. Loving myself in a way that mattered to me. Loving myself in a way that finally removed the disdain I had had for my body for so long - finding freedom in that transformed me.

Resource: Insight Timer

Why I love it: Insight Timer is the meditation app that pushed me to have a daily practice. I LOVE all the options - I get to make a choice on guided meditations and how much time I feel I have to sit, or just using the timer by itself, or with background music, or "ommmm." I also like how you can connect with the community of people meditating in your city, or around the world. This timer really set me up to make sure I was making time for myself to consciously breathe.

—Jill Faulkner, Founder, Stick With It Co.


Resource: The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle on Audiobook

Why I love it: It's my all-time favorite book, for living a productive, aligned, healthy and happy life!! I read it at least two-three times/year, recommend it to everyone, and keep the audiobook downloaded on my phone for the days when I get in a funk, or can't seem to muster up inspiration. I just love that it always re-centers me that this is a process, success takes time, and the only way to make it come faster is to sit down and do the work, day after day - seriously, download it!

—Kara Pendl, Creative Director/Owner at Karacotta Ceramics


Resource: Planoly

Why I love it: I love Instagram, and Planoly has been a very helpful tool when it comes to planning my posts. With this app you can schedule posts, stories, create and save hashtag groups (this is probably my favorite feature) and you can even see the analytics of your account! Planoly is clean, and super user friendly. The best part is that it is free! You can also upgrade for more awesomeness, but the free option works very well for me, at least for now.

—Cinthya Aguilar, Founder & Designer, Lunita Calligraphy


Resource: G Suite

Why I love it: I use it to keep all of my client files and content. Also great for making edits and sharing with others for content. Gives me a personal and professional feel when I redirect my business domain here. Also, it's secure. When my phone passcode is off, it does not let anyone access my email or documents. Score!

App: Forest App

Why I love it: Set a timer and ‘grow your productivity tree’! If you use your phone during that time, your tree dies. If not, you rack up points and your tree blossoms :) Great for phone addicts (I mean, who isn’t one!?)

—Alison Tugwell, Certified Life and Business Coach, Polyama Project


Resource: The Sacred Wheel by Lindsay Mack

Why I love it: Many of us are spinning our wheels trying to simply keep up with the pace of life these days. I love this bi-weekly series from Lindsay Mack that allows me to set aside a couple hours for me to reflect, write, and connect back to myself. Each email is a little different, but they always include information about what's going on astrologically, as well as a Tarot spread to correspond with where we are on the wheel of the year. I now lovingly anticipate each one so that I can steal away for a couple hours by myself, a cup of tea, and journaling by candlelight. It's positively dreamy.

—Maggie Gentry Miller, Founder, & Own Your Why®

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