At Whiskey & Pearls, we value intentional connections and conversations.

Something truly magical happens when women get together and share openly.

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It's always been at the heart of what we do: Bring women together for honest, intentional conversations and prove that we are stronger together. After 3 years of hosting these events, we're seeing this trend continue and the bonds of our community grow ever tighter.

<> We crave intimate conversations and really getting to know one another.

<> We believe that sharing resources and supporting each other is the way in which we all can grow and succeed.

<> We wish for all of our members to find a joyous way of life that supports their dreams.

<> And it's because of this that we carefully curate each experience around the notion of intentional connection.

Each of our events are small, no more than 30 women. The experience is crafted so that we start with a 30-minute mingling period to help you find your footing, maybe a new friend, and mingle at ease. Then we break up into smaller groups based on similar interests/hobbies/careers/dreams so that you can walk away having really spent some time getting to know 3-4 other women. And then we circle back with the entire group so that everyone has a chance to share her name and her quick story.

This guarantees that you'll walk away having had a conversation with someone new, and you're able to expand your network in more intentional ways. While you may leave with a new business card or two, that's not all you'll leave with.

Connections made during our gatherings have led to business partnerships and friendships. We love playing matchmaker and being your dream defender.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, why don't you join us?

Click here to fill out a quick questionnaire and to be paired with a Pearl Partner to grab coffee (or vino!) and to learn more about becoming a member of Whiskey & Pearls.

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