We believe every woman is unique like a PEARL & 

strong like a WHISKEY cocktail & that something powerful happens when women genuinely support each other. 


Whiskey & Pearls is a community that values inclusivity, optimism, tapping into our highest self, following our arrow, and making an impact in the world. We believe something magical happens when women gather together and genuinely support each other.

Our community was inspired by the creation of a pearl. A speck of dust enters the protected shell and over time getting the goodness of that shell turns into a pearl. That is our hope for Whiskey and Pearls. To spread kindness and courage to inspire ourselves and others to pursue our dreams. 



We are bold, we are different, we are rebels, we are courageous, fun loving, hard working, optimistic powerhouses who are following our arrow and pursuing our highest self. 




Kara Pendl

Next up in our Pearl Spotlight series is one of our Pearl Partners—Kara Pendl from Karacotta Ceramics. Get to know her a little better with gorgeous photos by Jessica Santiesteban of Ideology Photography.


We are grateful for our Pearl Partners who contribute to our community in a huge way and support our events each month.





We are all about community over competition and believe something powerful happens when women genuinely support one another.